Nothing is more essential than your front door when it comes to establishing the first impression, so select a color that properly expresses the individuality of your home. If you’re having trouble deciding on modern front door colors, we’ve highlighted our favorite modern front door colors, and the choices you can make, including:

  • Classic modern front door colors
  • Soothing shades
  • Eye-catching or uniquely popping colors
  • And calming hues for a special modern double door design

Continue reading to learn about our favorite modern front door colors and make a better decision for your personal front door design. You can also check other features of modern doors that you need to consider before choosing and buying one for your home.

neutral colors for modern doors


Neutral modern front door colors are always a safe bet. When mixed with the correct colors, beige and white aren’t dull or basic. They can be stunning, and bold, and really connect the overall appearance of your house together. Neutral modern front door colors enhance a warm outside color palette and help your property to feel more friendly.

Neutral modern front door colors, prominently used for single or double traditional doors, can significantly improve the appearance of the façade of the building in a sophisticated yet discrete way. But keep in mind that the lighter the color of the front door, maintenance and cleaning will be frequent and difficult.

Modern Front Door Colors, Shades of Grey

There are many variations of grey used as modern front door colors. with tones ranging from dark charcoal to bright greys. For many years, grey has been a favored neutral. It may be used with a wide range of house colors, including other hues of grey.

One of the advantages of these modern front door colors is the potential to incorporate some faint undertones. Grays with a blue or purple undertone might help push them into deeper color ranges. For example, to provide extraordinary depth to the outside without adding another color, combine a deep blue/gray door with mild grey siding.

black modern front door


One of the best front door colors is black, and the number of black front doors is rising every year. Black front doors have a timeless look that complements a wide range of color palettes.

A black door will stand out against a brightly colored home exterior, provide depth to a sage green façade, or make blue exteriors really noticeable. Choosing black compared to other modern front door colors can greatly complement the building’s exterior colors, such as grey, red, and even certain shades of yellow. Unlike other modern front door colors, black doors can easily be incorporated into any design.

Choosing glossy modern front door colors can make your entrance stand out. Matte black absorbs a lot of light, giving the entrance a flat appearance, but glossy black may lend depth and dimension to the home entry, especially for modern single doors.

blue and green modern front door

Blue And Green Modern Front Door Colors

For modern front door colors, several tones of blue are utilized. Sky blue and a Tiffany blue-like color are rising in more urban places for those who want a bold color. Navy blue, as well as certain blues with a bit of black mixed in, give a solemn effect – have been trendy for people looking for something more classic.

If you want to keep your blue door light, you may create a delicate design against a light exterior – beige, white, and cream would all work nicely. For a more dramatic effect, use a deeper blue against these light exterior colors. For example, a light blue door will stand out against dark blue or green façade colors, making a contrasting and dramatic design.

Sage Green

For instance, sage green is another one of the best front door colors. Sage green is a more subdued hue of green with yellow undertones, it’s a fresh and soothing hue that goes nicely with numerous exteriors, including white, yellow, and blues.

Shades of green, especially sage, have become fashionable in recent years due to their connection to nature as well as their ability to complement a wide range of hues. This long-standing popularity can help ensure that this front door hue has some staying power.

bold front doors colors

Bold Modern Front Door Colors

There are many bright colors that look great on the front doors. Red has long been one of the best front door colors, especially when combined with white or grey trim. The key to using these vibrant modern front door colors is to choose fully saturated hues – to achieve the best modern front door, the trend must be fully embraced.

The best modern front doors utilize bold colors against a more subdued siding color, allowing the front door to be the focal point of the design. A bright color is sure to catch the eye, so make sure there are no other competing elements nearby to compete with it.

What Door Colours Increase Home Value?

To increase the value of your home, keep it classic. The best modern front doors are neutral-colored. Neutral colors can increase a home’s value simply by attracting a larger audience. Because it’s almost like working with a blank canvas, homes painted in colors like black or white make it easier for people to see themselves in the space and personalize it with their own style.

While it may only cost a few hundred dollars to change the color of your door if you’re trying to sell a house, it’s better to play it safe and choose neutral modern front door colors for the exterior.

We included the trendiest colors for you but you can also find many other color options that you may find interesting for your home.