This article provides useful information about the pros and cons of double entry doors. For this purpose, we will first give general details about double entrance doors. Finally, we will tell the advantages and disadvantages of this type of door.

Every homeowner has a time when they are tired of looking at their front door. Even if you don’t mind your front door’s aesthetics, it will eventually need repair or replacement. If you are tired of your front door, consider upgrading to a double-entry door. A revamped front entry gives your home a unique aesthetic. Double entry doors also add to the feeling of a welcoming home.

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If you consider that a double-entry door will increase the value of your home, you have even more reasons to choose two doors over a single one. Before adding a double-entry door to your home, consider the following drawbacks.

If you want to upgrade your single entrance door with one of these beautiful doors, consider considering it before committing to the purchase.

What are double-entry doors?

Double entry doors are named for their two-fold design that opens in the middle. They offer numerous benefits to your home, both functionally and aesthetically. You can ask our remodeling experts at Hunterdon Siding and Window Company why double-entry doors should be your next step.

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The single door might not be suitable for specific architectural styles in homes that have recently undergone a roof replacement or exterior remodeling. A classic Victorian Colonial or Spanish Colonial home may look better with a double entry door. These homes usually have elaborate porticos that only double doors can match aesthetically.

If you don’t have any other doorway, it cannot be easy to carry large pieces of furniture through a narrow doorway. You can get around this issue and other space restrictions by installing a double door that is big enough to let large items maneuver.

Double Entry Door vs. Single Entry Doors

It is widespread to see single-entry doors since they are standard construction-grade doors usually installed when a home is built. Even though single-entry doors may be the most affordable option for homes with wider front entranceways, they can also seem unimpressive and unwelcoming.

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Double entry doors, however, have many advantages: they add excellent curb appeal to a home. They are the first thing passersby see and prospective home buyers notice when looking to acquire a new residence.

A double entry door has even more significant advantages if your home is larger. A focal point for the viewer draws their attention to this positive characteristic of the house, enhancing all other architectural features. This visual contrast can be more challenging with a single entry door.

A double-entry door is useful for many reasons, including:

  • By creating a larger access point, large furniture can be moved or entertained more easily
  • It is possible to recreate a specific architectural style, such as the Dutch Colonial
  • With spacious interior entrance halls, they will complement homes

The benefits of double-entry doors

Double entry doors create a symmetrical prestigious aesthetic, making your home stand out in the neighborhood. Double-entry doors can also increase your home’s value and curb appeal.

A double-entry door not only looks good but also assists in making your home more functional. The extra space makes double entryways feel more welcoming to those who visit. Opening both doors creates a vast space that makes it easier for furniture and other items to fit into your home.

You can also enjoy more natural light entering your home with double entry doors with windows. Double-entry doors don’t have to go only at your front door either – some people also choose them for their patios or lawns.

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Disadvantages of Double Entry Doors

The cost of a double-wide entryway is higher, not only because it requires two doors rather than one but also because the surrounding architecture can be more expensive. Even if you have the budget, you might need more space. Although double doors are beautiful, there are times when a single entry is more appropriate.

For those who would like a little more width than what an average entry door provides, you might want to consider a wider single door as an alternative.

disadvantages of double entrance doors


People use double-entry doors for many reasons and may continue to use them in the future.

If you’re looking for something quick and cheap, double doors won’t be for you. However, if you’d like to include these beautiful doors in your home design, speak to a window and door vendor near you about the right replacement double door.

We hope that our information about double entry doors was helpful to you. We also recommend you learn more about exterior doors to know how to choose the best material and style for your home.