Entry doors or exterior doors are the most eye-sighting part of the entire home’s exterior, as it’s the first thing guests see on their visit, and it requires regular cleaning for a curb appeal-enhancing look. So, if you want to clean a front door correctly, you need to follow the steps that we have provided in this guide for you.

It’s obvious that front doors cumulate dust or dirt over time, as well as shelves or even stair railings, while it may sometimes be forgotten. Today we’ll inform you how to clean a front door and get rid of a dingy-looking door without damaging it, whether it’s constructed with wood, steel, or glass.

Now, it’s time to follow the upcoming steps and tips to have a glazing and fabulous front door and get the best results.

Steps to clean a front door

For the best result, pick a sunny day, and before starting the cleaning, do not forget to remove anything you may hang on the front door.

No matter how dirty your front door is, it is better to begin by brushing off loose dirt or spider webs with a clean and dry microfiber cloth or soft rag, which you can purchase a high-rated one from Amazon. Start from the top downwards, and make sure to target all sides and crevices.

cleaning entrance doors

“You can use a vacuum nozzle instead of cloth to clean a front door that is large or very dusty.”

Take a plastic bucket and make a simple mixture with equal parts of water and dish soap. In case of a lack of soap, you can also put vinegar. For easier use, you can put the mixture into a spray bottle. Gently apply the solution and scrub the door using a cloth to wipe down the dirt. If the front door is wood, make sure to wipe it in the direction of the grain.

Note: If the door is made from steel, metal, or fiberglass, an all-purpose cleaner even could be used as an alternative. Be noticed to use less pressure on wood or painted front doors but with some pressure for stained ones.

Dry the door immediately with a towel or heavy-duty paper to avoid premature decay. Finally, use some furniture polish to make the wood glow and shine for a brilliant finish. If there are window and door handles, clean them with the same mixture you used to rinse off the door, wipe off excess polish, and step back to admire your work!

Now, you have a front door that sparkles and serves the warm and welcoming entryway you want it to be.

Tips for cleaning a front door

· If your front door is painted, make sure to dilute the cleaning mixture by adding extra water to avoid stripping off color during the process.

· If your front door is made of glass, you can follow the steps above and clean the windows with a household glass solution to get the streak-free sparkle look.

· It is better to individually wipe down the handles, knockers, and other hardware, then clean them with a mild detergent solution.

· Be aware not to use metal polish or any type of abrasive cleaner on door hardware.

· For fiberglass doors, the cleaning hack is the same as wooden doors but with different maintenance; most of them should receive a new topcoat yearly. So, in case of a dingy-look front door which could be from improper maintenance, you can give a makeover to your front door by removing the old paint and applying some gel stain with a couple of topcoats.

· Remember to wipe out the dust from the welcome ring or anything you use for your front door and hang it back.

cleaning front doors

Now, with the tips on “how to clean a front door,” we gave, you become a professional housekeeper whose front door shines bright like a diamond. We hope that your cleaning process will become easier with our simple and deep cleaning steps. We recommend you check out our other entrance door resources to make your life easier.

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