Wood doors have classic, unchanging elegance that is ideal for enhancing the personality of any building. When it comes to wooden front doors, homeowners wonder how they can make them more secure.

We want to teach you numerous ways to increase wood front doors’ security in this guide, giving you an extra layer of protection and peace of mind that your doors are protecting your home.

Before we get to how you can increase your entry door’s security, we recommend learning about some of the best entrance doors and how you can know their differences. This can help you decide which method can be implemented for securing your door.

Front Door Security Risks

The Most Common wooden door security risks are as follows:

Weak door latch plate

If you have one, the deadbolt lock and the closing latch on the door knob typically only extend 1/2 to 1 inch into the door frame. Additionally, a standard door frame’s wood isn’t all that strong.

Your door frame has a metal plate into which the lock fits. But generally, 3/4 inch screws are always used to secure the metal strike plate to the door frame. Consequently, the plate is simply secured to the flimsy wooden door frame.

security risks of wood doors

Weak door window glass

Another problem with front doors is that many of them have decorative windows. That’s nice, but it’s far less secure than a solid door with no windows. Undoubtedly, the doors are beautiful, and the glass they utilize is quite sturdy.

Therefore, having a window in your door is not a catastrophe. However, we advise using an engineered wood or solid wood door if you want to make your door impregnable.

Additionally, we have provided a complete introduction to glass door options that we recommend you check out.

Are Wooden Doors Secure?

This is a critical question to address before proceeding with this guide. Wood is the most tried and proven of all building materials, so when you choose timber doors for your house, you know you’re getting unmistakable quality.

Not only do they look fabulous, but they’re also substantial and sturdy, making timber one of the greatest door materials for security.

secure wood entrance doors

Tips to Increase Wood Front Doors’ Security

Here are a few more steps you can take to make your wooden doors as secure as possible:

Increase wood front doors’ security with a deadbolt for added security

A lock might be installed on a wooden front door. Putting this near the top of the door, away from the letterbox and any windows, will offer extra strength and improve entry door security if an attacker tries to break in.

The deadbolt lock is a lock bolt that can be turned with a key or an access control device without a spring. Deadbolt locks do not require the use of a spring. Simply rotating a key retracts or expands the bolt into the door frame’s striking plate.

deadbolt for front doors

Because they are not spring-operated, they are significantly more difficult to pry open. Due to their robust locking mechanism, deadbolts provide an added resistance layer and strength above other locking methods.

Replace your door hinges for extra security

A faulty hinge might compromise the entrance door security of your home. Even the strongest, sturdy wooden entrance doors may be kicked off old, worn, and useless hinges.

Like other sections of the door, a hinge can degrade with time. You may fix the hinge-related faults by hand, but to increase the wood front doors’ security, you need to replace the hinges if they are beyond repair.

secure front doors' hinges

Increase wood front doors’ security by improving your door lock

The quality of the lock and the structure determine the strength of any door. For peace of mind, you can increase wood front doors’ security by equipping your doors with multi-point locks and other industry-leading locking hardware.

Also, two of the most common locks on wooden doors are mentioned below.

  • Five lever mortice deadlocks

They can be locked from the inside and outside with a key. This type of lock is installed into the door’s structure rather than on the surface.

A five-lever mortice deadlock should not be mistaken for the less secure three-lever deadlock. Locks with fewer levers are more vulnerable to key duplication and may not provide adequate security.

  • Night latch lock

Night latch locks, sometimes known as ‘Yale locks,’ are most typically employed in household settings. They are installed on doors that open inwards and are positioned inside the door. When you close the door, the night latch automatically latches it shut.

You can prevent the door from latching shut by putting it ‘on the latch,’ generally with the push of a button.

improving door locks


There’s also the notion that double doors are less secure than single doors. Double front doors may be as secure as single front doors with the correct installation knowledge, materials, and locking systems.

Hollow core doors are exclusively advised for indoor use, as they cannot last long in commercial use. Solid core doors, however, can be utilized outside depending on the design and construction and are the right and secure option for the entrance door.

You don’t need to get worried that you’ll be robbed if you don’t do these things. The goal here is to offer you a variety of techniques to increase wood front doors’ security and make your front entrance considerably more secure.

These precautions will successfully keep intruders from gaining access to your home, and you’ll have a home secure home!