The exterior house door keeps intruders out while keeping family in. Your doors hold it out no matter how awful the weather is outside. There are many types of exterior house doors, but in this article, let’s compare metal with wood to learn everything about exterior doors made with materials.

Aesthetics of Metal vs Wood Exterior Doors

You’ll be looking at your front door quite frequently. So, therefore, the first question is whether you should go with metal or wood doors. It is important to buy the one that you enjoy seeing.

single wood exterior door

Wood exterior doors

The wood grain’s organic texture is gentle and welcoming. The texture of the wood exterior doors, from dark walnut to eye-catching flame maple, is captivating on its own. On the other hand, carvings and engravings may elevate a door from the entrance to a centrepiece.

Wood front doors may be stained or painted, giving the homeowner choices for personalization and modification.


It is more difficult to make metal doors appear appealing. The surface might appear frigid and unwelcoming. Metal doors are often painted a single colour and feature well-built, basic panel patterns. Of course, it isn’t an issue if this is the desired result.

Extra cladding or embossing might even give the appearance of wood doors. Metal works best if you like to go for modern single doors and modern double doors.

metal exterior door

Metal and Wood Exterior Doors Costs

There is always a budget to bear in mind while building or remodelling. The cost will be a consideration when selecting external doors, yet another aspect where metal and wood exterior doors differ.

Wood Front doors

While wood exterior doors may be found at comparable prices to metal doors, they are more expensive.


Metal is commonly thought to be the more cost-effective option. Even more elaborate metal doors with simulated panelling and embossing are less expensive than wooden doors.

Energy Efficiency for Metal and Wood Exterior Doors

One of the key functions of an external door is to keep outside air out. Your energy expenses directly reflect how hard your air conditioner needs to work to keep a constant temperature. Energy Star can help you evaluate the insulating effectiveness of your outside doors based on your temperature zone.

double wood exterior door

Wood exterior doors

While wood exterior doors are excellent at keeping moisture and air out, it is less effective at insulating against heat and cold. Manufacturers may create exterior wood doors with cores that aid energy efficiency and fire protection.


Metal has higher insulating properties than wood exterior doors.


Usage, weather, and time will wear down your metal or wood exterior doors front door. Keeping them looking their best will necessitate care and attention regardless of their material.

Wood exterior doors

Wood exterior doors must be polished every two years to maintain appearance and functionality. All sides must be sealed to keep the wood exterior doors from decaying or attracting pests. Repairing damaged or dented wood exterior doors is rather simple.

Light damage is usually repaired with a little sanding and touch-up paint.


Metal doors are factory coated with vinyl or polyester to protect them from scratches. However, you’ll need to repaint or recoat your metal door when its coating wears away. If moisture is not removed soon, metal doors can rust.

Repairs to dented or scratched metal are more difficult than repairing exterior wood doors. The metal must be sanded and filled to protect the door from degrading.

solid wood entrance door


What type of lifespan can you expect from these types of exterior house doors? When it comes to metal vs wood exterior doors, which will last the longest?

Wood exterior doors

Wood exterior doors, when properly sealed, may survive for decades. Proper finishing reduces expansion and contraction.


While metal is sturdy, it does not last as long as wood when subjected to everyday use. That might be due to the degree of upkeep the homeowner or company owner is willing to perform.

Still, even the most fastidious individual will struggle to keep up with every dent and paint chip. Rust is difficult to remove once it has formed.

In conclusion, these might be good reasons to consider exterior wood doors over metal as your exterior house door:

  • Wood exterior doors, with proper care, will give stability and security to your property.
  • It is re-paintable. As a result, your front door will always look its best and will complement the overall appearance of your property.
  • Wood works best for traditional single doors and traditional double doors.
  • You can easily select a wooden front door to match the décor of your home.
  • Solid wood doors, in particular, provide a high-quality and traditional appearance.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s unlikely that much heat or sound will pass through.