Here we present our guide to different types of glass options for entry doors, covering the various materials, front door alternatives, and practical techniques to maintain privacy.

Choosing the proper type of glass for your front door may be time-consuming. Since there are just too many possibilities, you might wonder, what kind of glass is best for the front door?

To select the ideal style out of glass options for entry doors, you must first decide what characteristics you want.

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Different Types of Glass Options for Entry Doors

When choosing glass for entry doors, first, you need to know the different types of glass for doors. There are several types of glass options for front doors you can choose from, and we will introduce some of the most commonly used ones below.

types of glass options for entrance doors

Clear glass is one of the glass options for entry doors that people use by default

Clear glass provides the greatest vision without causing light and colour distortion. Because of its low iron concentration, its reflecting characteristics are greatly reduced, enabling maximum sunlight to penetrate through.

Aside from light transmission, it is one of the front door glass options that give additional heat uptake, making it an ideal front door material if you live in a zone that experiences chilly temperatures most of the year.

Because of its clarity, it also adds aesthetic value. With this front door style, you won’t need as much artificial illumination in your welcome area. They look nice when used in modern double front doors.

clear glass for wood front doors

Frosted glass, one of the most popular glass options for entry doors

A frosted glass door is one of the ideal glass options for entry doors if you take pride in keeping your house clean. This glass is very simple to clean and much easier to maintain.

It lets in a considerable quantity of light. On the other side, if you like privacy, this is the best privacy glass for the front door.

In the glass options for entrance doors, frosted glass is also recognized for maintaining indoor temperature by allowing sunlight to seep throughout the day without being too hot while keeping off cold during the winter.

This means you may save some energy each month, which will help you save money on your power costs.

frosted glass for entry doors

Rain glass is one of the stylish glass options for entry doors

The rain glass lives up to its name. It might make your front door appear to have rain streaks on it. It is one of the glass options for entry doors which has a dreamlike feeling that other forms of glass do not have.

It’s ideal for a modern glass front door since it’s grounded and has an earthy touch. If you’re up for it, you’re in for a treat since this sort of glass is the perfect décor splash you could need.

rain glass for single front door

Stained glass is easily one of the elegant glass options for front doors

A stained glass door is one of the glass options for entrance doors that emits elegance and beauty, surpassing your wildest dreams. When sunlight shines through it, it creates intriguing light patterns.

It is one of the various types of glass front doors that may bring in an explosion of colours and provide brightness and beauty to your home’s entrance all day long. It’s a certain conversation starter from the moment guests walk through your front door.

stained glass for single entry doors

Tempered glass is one of the safest glass options for entry doors

The main benefit of tempered glass doors is that they are safer than annealed or regular glass. There is no chance it may shatter into large pieces that could endanger anybody. Instead, it breaks down into relatively innocuous granular bits.

Due to the thermal tempering procedure, which made it significantly stronger, it can endure temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius. And despite its toughness, it keeps its clarity, so it remains quite clear.

tempered glass for double entrance doors

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is one of the glass options for entry doors that provide more security. It’s a kind of glass that’s hard to break and, even if it does, makes it challenging to enlarge the opening, adding an extra degree of security in the event of an intruder.

If you have air conditioning indoors, the amount of heat emissions from the sun is significantly decreased. It benefits acoustics because it lessens noise pollution. There are several patterns and colours available.

And lastly, because it doesn’t shatter when damaged, it protects from natural calamities. The entire time, it remains in its frame.

laminated glass for external doors

Impact Glass

You won’t need to do anything else after your impact glass doors are fitted. They are one of the glass options for front doors that require no upkeep other than the occasional wiping with soap and water, so you can ignore them.

Because impact glass doors are made to limit heat loss during the hot summer days and prevent cold air infiltration during the winter, they can increase the energy efficiency of your house. It provides noise suppression, enhancing your outside privacy.

impact glass for double front doors

Insulated glass is one of the best glass options for entry doors that provide insulation

As the name suggests, an insulated glass door helps insulate your home by minimizing heat input and loss. Reducing the energy needed for heating on cold days and air conditioning on hot days may make your house more energy efficient.

Additionally, it aids with sound insulation, enhancing the acoustics of your doorway. In addition, insulated glass doors are far more difficult to break into than normal transparent glass doors.

insulated glass for entry doors

Textured glass options

There are numerous textured glass alternatives available, and they come in various opacities to meet your stylistic preferences and your requirement for privacy. They are all triple-paned, which guarantees thermal efficiency and makes it simple to clean the glass surface.

textured glass for single entry doors

Sandblast Glass

A transparent float glass surface is mechanically treated with sand or another abrasive to produce the roughness known as “sandblasted glass.” The result is a delicate texture that closely resembles frosted glass and provides maximum privacy, making it a desirable option compared to other glass front doors.

sand blast glass doors

Annealed glass is one of the most budget-friendly glass options for entrance doors that provide insulation

The glass that has been annealed is exceedingly brittle and compresses rather forcefully. Although it’s frequently referred to as plate or window glass, it could be a candidate for your front door.

Its name comes from a slow annealing procedure in which, once the glass has been created, any internal stresses are released by slowly cooling the glass. It’s a terrific alternative if you’re on a tight budget.

glass doors styles and designs

Glass Front Door Options in Style and Design

The front door is unquestionably the ideal location to make any potential design statements. When choosing the front door for your house, the type and material of the door itself are important as the glass used in the door, so better you research and learn everything about exterior doors beforehand.

Here are some possibilities for you to review and consider, but we will mention two of the most popular ones.

Wood and glass door

Wood and glass doors are a traditional combination that may be customized in infinite design variations and glass-to-wood ratios. You may choose between complete glass with thin frames and a hardwood door with glass sections in some areas.

wood and glass entrance doors

You may choose your glass type based on the sort of opacity, insulation, thickness, texture, or colour you wish, and you can replace the wood in almost any wood substance and paint colour or stain you can imagine.

When it comes down to it, this classic style endured the test of time, and trend shifts are hard to beat. This combination of materials works best for traditional double doors.

Glass and metal door

Considering skillfully paired materials, you might immediately think of glass and metal. They are timeless and exquisite, much like wood with glass.

They can fit in with any home design, including modern, traditional, and contemporary. Given that this option stands out among the other types of glass front doors, there is sure to be one that can perfectly complement the beauty of your home.

metal and glass entry doors

Conclusion on the Glass Options for Entry Doors

Your front door’s glass design selection is essential to obtaining the desired aesthetic and functionality. The importance of selecting a front door from a reputable door installer holds no matter the door material or glass type you choose.